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The 1st Battalion Scots Guards (1 SG) held a parade in Catterick Garrison on Thursday 23 September, marking their return from Iraq and Kosovo.


As one of Britain’s oldest and most decorated regiments, which counts 11 Victoria Crosses within its medallic recognition, the unit is no stranger to medals being dished out.

The setting this time was the North Yorkshire camp that 1SG call home, with the audience consisting of loved ones invited to watch the spectacle.

Music was provided by the Band of the Scots Guards, with the smooth running of the parade being facilitated by the hard work of the Regimental Sergeant Major.

Operations Elgin and Shader are our commitment to missions in Kosovo and Iraq respectively, and 1 SG continued their fine operational record overseas.

The Scots Guards played a major role in the 1982 Falklands Conflict and was the first battlegroup to use the Warrior armoured vehicle in Afghanistan as part of a 2007 deployment.

Neither of 1 SG’s 2021 operations were combat roles, but the work that the soldiers did will support the provision of security across the Balkans and the Middle East.

When back in Somme Barracks, the unit trains using the Mastiff and Jackal 2 vehicles, which give it a mechanised edge on the battlefield.

Personnel will now enjoy some quality time with families and friends that they have not seen in months.

© Crown Copyright 2021 Special Thanks To Forces Photographer Corporal Nathan GM Tanuku, RLC

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