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L-R: Wg Cdr David Montenegro Red 11 and Officer Commanding The Red Arrows and Sqn Ldr Tom Bold – Red 1 and Team Leader with the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – The Red Arrows The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team have their photographs taken which will be published in the 2021 Brochure.

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team have achieved their Public Display Authority. Meaning they can now go and display infront of the public for the 2021 season. Squadron Leader Tom Bould proudly speaks about the teams efforts over the last year in order to be able to celebrate today. The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – The Red Arrows are currently deployed to Tanagra Air Base, Greece on Exercise Springhawk 2021. During the deployment the team use the good weather to practice 3 displays a day, 5 days a week for the 6-week period, working towards being awarded their PDA (public display authority). Officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows showcase the excellence of the RAF and represent the United Kingdom both at home and overseas. The team consists of 11 pilots, nine of whom fly in the display, and more than 100 support personnel and technicians. Each of the pilots has previous fast-jet, operational experience flying the Tornado, Typhoon or Harrier, enabling the RAF to secure the skies and protect the nation and its interests, 365-days a year. One of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, the Red Arrows had completed nearly 5,000 displays, in 57 countries, by the beginning of 2019. Flying Hawk T1 jets, the team is based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

A COVID compliant detachment group image taken of the Red Arrows team during Ex Springhawk 21. Personnel were 2 meter separated throughout the setting up and taking of the image.
Reds (L-R) 6, 9, 8 and 8 who make up the rear section of the Red Arrows formation preform the Gypo Break during a display practice
Audiences in the UK will enjoy shows featuring the Red Arrows for the first time in almost two years after the team was given display approval
Reds 6 (Left) and 7 preform a close pass during part of the Red Arrows display. Reds 6 and 7, known as the Synchro pair are the more experienced pilots on the team having already do at least one display season, therefore preform the more dynamic passes loved by the crowds.
mages taken from the back seat of Red 10’s jet during a photo chase with Cpl Adam Fletcher
All 9 jets from the Red Arrows preform Tornado. Reds 1-7 in close formation bend the as Reds 8 and 9 twist around the formation.
Image shows Reds 6,7 and 9 preform the heart during a display practice over Greece
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Special thanks to forces photographers Corporal Rob Kane

For video news from the British Armed Forces: https://www.youtube.com/britisharmedforcesdaily

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