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Soldiers from The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) paraded at Fort George today to receive their medals from their recent tour of Iraq. The medals were awarded by HRH Prince Charles the Duke of Rothesay, the Royal Colonel.

The Battalion has been undertaking a Training and Mentoring role in Iraq, on an operation called Operation Shader.

3 SCOTS were tasked with two key responsibilities: to provide the main security force for the near 4,000 strong coalition camp and to provide training and mentoring for Iraqi Security Forces, preparing them to lead security operations in the defeat of Daesh (ISIS).

The soldiers deployed on the six-month tour to Al Assad Airbase, west of Baghdad, in early January and all were back by July.

This medals ceremony follows a series of Homecoming parades, with the Battalion parading though towns and cities in the Black Watch traditional recruiting area – Inverness, Forfar, Dunfermline and Perth.

3SCOTS, with a proud history dating back to 1739, are based in Fort George, Inverness and traditionally recruit from North East Scotland. They have served in nearly all the major conflicts Britain has participated in since then from North America to Afghanistan.

Medals were awarded by HRH Prince Charles the Duke of Rothesay, the Royal Colonel.

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Photographer: Cpl Ben Maher

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