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3 Rifles have recently been on Exercise Iron Wolf in Lithuania. This multi-national exercise brings together a number of NATO alliance countries to train together ensuring that they can deploy and deliver the required effect if needed.


Exercise Iron wolf is a multi-national exercise that brings a huge number of NATO alliance member countries into Lithuania. We’ve deployed out here for a couple of weeks and the FDX has demonstrated the interoperability which allows all of the partner countries to realise that actually yeah we can we can deploy we’re required and we can achieve effect wherever needed.

Today we have been on the forward line of our own troops so we’re the first line of defence. Our mission was to disrupt enemy forces coming through our location. So we built up three different positions to set up ambushes on them. We then went into a harbour location and when the enemy crossed the line of departure we then pushed out into our ambush area to spring the ambush.

The third rifles were exceptional and comes to motivation, they are going through the very challenging terrain they are very tired they still smile at jokes, and they continue to push forward. So I guess that’s a positive approach which is very British.

Lietenant Colonel Eugenijus Lastauskas

It’s been a really interesting exercise for the company in terms of dealing with the climate, both temperatures up to and over 30 degrees. Having to operate in what’s essentially a swamp forest and the guys have been using their dismounted techniques up to their waists and really showing the other countries what the riflemen are able to do. In fact they can get anywhere and provide effect wherever it’s required you.

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