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Chinooks from 27 Squadron RAF Odiham have fast roped Royal Marines from 40 Commando into a beach assault during the final fire power demonstration on Exercise Saif Sareea 3 in Oman.

On 3 Nov 18 a Fire Power Demonstration brought weeks of hard work together in a series of simulated attacks on targets. Streamed live to a VIP area in an inland location, an amphibious assault by Royal Marines and Omani troops onto a beach location in Eastern Oman with fast-roping from RAF Chinook helicopters of 27 Squadron, combined with Naval gunfire support formed the first element of the demonstration.

The second phase, viewed by Omani Officers and Officials, Gavin Williamson the UK Secretary of State for Defence, and the Chiefs of UK Defence Forces, started after Omani Air Defences shot down a ‘rogue’ drone aircraft. This was followed closely by various attacks from the air and ground. This included airstrikes by RAF Typhoons, Omani F-16s, Omani Super Lynx and Army Air Corps Apache helicopters before Javelin anti-tank weapon firing destroyed more targets.

Early morning desert move for the Household Cavalry Regiment on Exercise Saif Sareea 3, Shafa Training Area, Oman

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1 MERCIAN battlegroup digging in, using the battlegroup’s engineer asset, a Challenger Armoured Repair Recovery Vehicle (CRARRV),

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Photographer: Cpl Ben Maher

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