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Wing Commander Mark Baker,
Officer Commanding Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron, led his team on the first sortie of the joint UK/Qatari Exercise EPICSKIESII today.

Launching alongside two of the Qatari Emiri Air Force (QEAF) Dassault Mirage 2000-5 aircraft, the UK Typhoons took part in air-to-air combat training and capability demonstrations, ahead of the QEAF’s procurement of 24 Typhoon aircraft from the UK and the formation of the joint RAF/QEAF Number 12 Squadron.

Typhoon with 1(F) Squadron tail taxiing out

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 Flt Lt Zane Sennett prepares to fly his first sortie of Exercise Epic Skies II
UK Typhoons arrived in Qatar at Al Udeid airbase, ahead of the joint UK/Qatari exercise, EPIC SKIES II.

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Photographer: Cpl Graham Taylor RAF

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