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Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, sails back into Portsmouth today, after successful completion of initial fast jet trials in America, marking a new era in UK Carrier Strike capability.

Live On Youtube: HMS Queen Elizabeth Returns To Portsmouth | British Armed Forces News

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first of the Queen Elizabeth class of Aircraft carriers. The ship is the largest ever warship built for the Royal Navy and capable of carrying 40 aircrafts. The ship has state of the art weaponry and communications systems and a flight desk that covers four acres.

The 65,000-tonne carrier’s first transatlantic deployment, which began in August, saw her embark two F-35B Lightning II test aircraft, from the Integrated Test Force (ITF) based out of Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. She also conducted an historic, week-long visit to New York.

During the Development Trials, the jets conducted 202 takeoffs from the ship’s ski ramp, 187 vertical landings, and 15 shipborne vertical landings (SRVL) —a landing technique unique to the UK. They also dropped 54 inert bombs, testing the weight loading in a variety of weather conditions and sea states. The operating envelopes will be further expanded during Operational Trials, scheduled for next year.

Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, sails back into Portsmouth| British Armed Forces News

Facts & figures

Total length: 280 metres
Total weight: 65,000 tonnes
Top speed: 25+ knots

Crew: 1500

Captain Steve Moorhouse

Fun Facts: Two huge aircraft lifts can move two combat jets from the hanger to the flight desk in 60 seconds.

500 Tonnes of fresh water is produced daily onboard

More steel was used to build the ship than was used in Wembley Stadium

To cater for the 1500 crew there are 40 chefs

The Royal Navy’s second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier has been commissioned into the Fleet as the largest warship ever built for the nation.

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