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|Announced at Land Power Demonstration

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Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has today announced that all roles in the military are now open to women.

The historic day was marked at a land power demonstration on Salisbury Plain, involving some of the first women to join the Royal Armoured Corps.

Mr Williamson announced that as of today, women already serving in the Army are able to transfer into infantry roles. Those not currently serving will be able to apply for infantry roles in December of this year, with new recruits starting basic training in April 2019.

Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson MP, field promotes Trooper Kat Dixon to Lance Corporal.
(2017 to May 1 2019) 

The Defence Secretary also confirmed that women are now able to apply to join the Royal Marines, with selection starting before the end of this year. Training courses will begin at Royal Marines Commando training centre in Lympstone in early 2019.

Women already serving in the Army are able to transfer into infantry roles from December 2018

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