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The Baltic Sea is said to contain 30,000 pieces of leftover unexploded ordnance from two world wars. This short video shows the crew of Latvian mine hunter M-06 Tālivaldis going about their work, preventing historic mines from posing a threat to both military and civilian ships today.

The shipM-06 Tālivaldis has been part of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One several times; this group is responsible for countering the threat of sea mines and unexploded ordnance in the northern seas. Prior to filming, videographers tested negative for COVID-19, allowing them to operate in a bubble alongside the ship’s crew, which had quarantined prior to deployment.In this video we see shots of Latvian minehunter M-06 Tālivaldis sailing in the Baltic Sea, Latvian Navy divers diving and searching for mines, underwater footage from ROV (remotely operated vehicle) PAP 104 and a mine detonation in the Baltic Sea.

Class – Imanta (Alkmaar)
Type – Minesweeper
Year of construction – 1984.

Technical data: 
– Water displacement: full – 595 t.
– Dimensions (m): 51.6 x 8.96 x 2.6 
– Engines: 1 x Brons-Werkspoor A-RUB 215X-12 (1860 hp). 
– Speed: 15 knots with diesel engine, 7 with electric.
– Crew: 44 seamen.

Location: Baltic Sea

Country: Latvia

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Special thanks to forces photographers Corporal Rob Kane

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