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On 3rd November 2018, British and Omani armed forces are working together on the Fire Power Demo. The Fire Power Demo is the culmination and final element of Ex Saif Sareea 3. In the space of an hour, VVIP guests will witness a range of military capabilities from armoured assault and artillery bombardments to air despatch and helicopter assaults. Also being demonstrated is the cohesion and military interoperability which both countries have been working towards during Exercise Saif Sareea 3.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson meeting soldiers and officers from The Royal Tank Regiment.

VVIP visitors included The Secretary of State Gavin Williamson, The Chief of the General Staff Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, The Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter, The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sir Philip Jones and Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier.

The MOD has deployed over 5500 troops to Oman for Exercise Saif Sareea 3 (SS3). This is the third time that the British and Omani’s have trained together, SS1 was in 1986 & SS2 in 2001. SS3 is the British Army’s main exercise in 2018 and the largest exercise of itÕs kind in 17 years. SS3 is designed to test the UK and SultanateÕs ability to operate together in austere conditions through the deployment of a Coalition Joint Task Force (CJTF).

Fire Power Demonstration area in a British Army Challenger MKII tank.

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Photographer: SAC Will Drummee RAF, Cpl Ben Maher, Corporal Mark Larner

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