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The British Army’s 4th Infantry Brigade HQ will deploy as part of the 6 week Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE

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A group of foxhounds line up in the vehicle park before the road move starts.

Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 (TRJE) is the largest in a series of long-planned military exercises to ensure that NATO forces are trained, able to operate together and ready to respond to any threat, from any direction. Over 30 nations, involving 40,000 personnel are taking part in this 6 week exercise.

Major Carter talks through the procedures during their road moves ahead. The Essex police helped to escort the large vehicles to the port.

The British Army’s 4th Infantry Brigade HQ will deploy to command UK Reconnaissance, Infantry, Combat and Logistic Support units alongside a Danish battlegroup and a Polish Mechanised Infantry Company.
The main British Army units will consist of The Light Dragoons, 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment, 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster Regiment and 102 and 104 Logistic Brigade.

Convoy flags are fitted to the vehicle the flags serve different purposes,
Blue flag – lead vehicle
Green flag – last vehicle
Yellow flag – broke vehicle
Red flag – hazmat vehicle

Ex TRJE 18 consists of 4 elements
* Deployment & Redeployment Ð The British Army will move 1600 soldiers and over 1000 vehicles and equipment over 2500kms by road, rail, sea and air from the UK across Northern Europe and into Norway.
* NATO alliance and international training.
* Main exercise (Livex)
* Command Post exercise.

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Photographer: CSGT BARNES, Corporal Ben Beale

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