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The latest shots from the fast moving situation in Ukraine. In the video footage from the Russian MOD military equipment and weapons are being sent to Belarus to redeploy troops of the Eastern military 
district. Despite an estimated 100,000 troops deployed near Ukraine, Russia continues to deny any plans to invade. Stating they are caring our Russian combat readiness checks. At the same time US have 8500 troops on “high alert” The Russian Army is five times greater in numbers than the Ukrainian Army. A full invasion of Ukraine would start a war of comparable scale to that seen in Iraq in 2003 

Germany and the US have warned they could target a key Russian gas pipeline if the country invades Ukraine.

A US state department spokesman said the Nord Stream 2 pipeline “will not move forward” if Russia were to attack.

The controversial energy project is designed to double gas flow and runs from Russia direct to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

It circumvents Ukraine, which relies on existing pipelines for income and is under threat from Russian forces.

Tens of thousands of Russian troops have massed on Ukraine’s borders in recent weeks, prompting fears of an invasion – despite repeated Russian denials of any plan to attack.

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