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US Air Force CV-22 Ospreys practise fast rope insertions with US Special Forces operators in Latvia.

When the US Army needs to get Special Forces soldiers into or out of a tight spot, it uses the Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction System (FRIES). During a fast rope insertion, a helicopter or tilt rotor aircraft hovers in place and drops thick, heavy ropes, allowing soldiers to quickly slide into the drop zone. During this training, US Air Force CV-22 Ospreys practised this insertion method with US Army Special Forces operators in Latvia. US Army Special Forces are deployed in Latvia as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The operation aims to reassure US allies and partners of the US’ dedication to enduring peace and stability in Eastern Europe. Atlantic Resolve is ongoing in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. Shots include CV-22 Ospreys on the ground and in flight; soldiers fast-roping from the Ospreys during the day and at night; GoPro shots of the training from inside the Osprey and from a soldier’s perspective; and slow-motion shots of soldiers fast-roping.

It’s quite an exhilarating feel, of course it’s not natural to have an air platform just kind of hover in a single place 50 feet above the ground. Today’s training environment is the max that we’re roping out of, so to be at that kind of height with the CV-22 hovering ahead, and slightly banking left to right, coming to a hover, it’s unnatural to walk forward, see the rope and just grab it, and slide down, but every one of the men here has complete confidence in their abilities. They’ve been trained well, and they’re doing a great job.”


Location; Near Lielvarde Air Base

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Special thanks to forces photographers Corporal Rob Kane

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