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UK and Indonesian Aid is loaded onto an RAF A400M aircraft in Jakarta, Indonesia, bound for Balikpapan. From here, it will distributed to the earthquake and tsunami hit island of Sulawesi.

Airmen and women of UK Mobile Air Movements Squadron (MAMS) prepare the aircraft and it’s freight for safe travel.

An RAF aircraft has successfully delivered 17.5 tonnes of UK aid supplies for those effected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia.

The A400M Atlas touched down at the international relief centre at Balikpapan, which is the humanitarian operational hub for the affected region, at 1302 local time (0602BST).

On board are 1,280 much-needed shelter kits and 288 hygiene kits, as part of the £3 million pledged by the Department for International Development (DFID) to the relief effort. The aircraft was also carrying 3 tonnes of Indonesian supplies, in addition to the 17.5 tonnes of UK aid.

A DFID aid flight also departed for Balikpapan, Indonesia, from the UK last night, carrying vital supplies to support the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

The UK aid package includes much-needed air cargo handling equipment. This includes a forklift truck and conveyor belt that will rapidly increase the rate that humanitarian aid can be transferred off flights and distributed to affected communities. Other equipment includes transport trucks and a lighting tower generator. This will speed up the delivery of aid to those that need it most by facilitating a greater turnaround of aid-carrying flights at Balikpapan Airport.

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Photographer: Corporal Stephen Harvey

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